Storm Damage Restoration Services

Emergency Response Team is the best storm damage restoration service in middle Tennessee.

There are many, and very different, types of storms. Depending on where you live, you might have the misfortune of experiencing:

  • Hail: broken roof tiles, skylights and window panes
  • Heavy Wind: severe damage to roofs, and damage from falling trees or flying debris
  • Lightning: fire and smoke damage triggered by strikes
  • Earthquakes: ruptured pipes, foundation cracks and collapsed walls
  • Severe Rain: leaks and floods, causing everything from ruined carpets and furniture to the complete compromise of a building’s structural integrity
  • Hurricanes, Storm Surges or Tornadoes: massive water intrusion, major structural damage, or both

Types Of Storm Damage

Varying Storm Types That Are Damaging To Your Home or Building

Hail Damage – A storm that produces hail can do a good amount of damage to the structure of your home. Sometimes hail can be small and hardly make a difference, but at other times you can get sizes that are like softballs pelting your property and tearing it apart.

Wind Damage – Storms that produce high winds can wreck a home or business in no time at all. The wind can tear off a roof and break out windows. Anything attached to your home on the outside could be at risk if the winds are high enough!

Rain Damage – Rain itself should be something a building can handle, but when it rains quite a bit in a short period of time you may be in for some flooding. Also, if you don’t have your roofing or other features on the outside of your property in good shape, the rain can get through and be a cause of flood/water damage.

Lightning Damage – When a storm rolls around you may not think about just how dangerous it is because of how rare lightning strikes to the ground can be. However, this is more common than you think, and we have the tools to make sure you can get your home back to normal if you are dealing with fire and smoke damage.

Extreme Temperature Shifts – Even a heat wave could cause damage to property. Your roofing tiles could start to crack, or you could have to deal with your home heating up to where the structure is getting warped. Extreme cold could cause similar issues, and so it’s good to at least get an inspection after extreme variations in normal temperatures.

The next 3 types of storm damage are more rare than others, but depending on where you live in the country, you may see these types more frequently than other regions across the country.

Earthquake Damage – An earthquake can cause a lot of damage, but most of the damage is from the intensity of the shaking to the structure. The variables that effect the intensity of the earthquake are: the magnitude of the earthquake, the distance from the earthquake and the type of ground material underneath the structure. Some of the damage may include, but not limited to: buildings and homes damage, roads and freeways buckling, dam failures, shifting ground, electrical and power outages and much more.

Tornado Damage – With winds up to 300mph, most of the tornado damage is from the high winds and flying debris. Wind speed, direction and duration are among the highest determining factors of the tornado damage. Tornadoes can leave a ton of devastation in their path and even remove houses right from their very foundation.

Hurricane Damage -High winds and flooding from hurricanes is the cost of most residential and commercial building damage. Storm Surge Damage – Storm surge is a large dome of water often 50 to 100 miles wide that sweeps across the coastline near where a hurricane makes landfall. If possible, A hurricane watch is issued when there is a threat of hurricane conditions within 24–36 hours. A hurricane warning is issued when hurricane conditions (winds greater than 74 mph/119 kph or dangerously high water and rough seas) are expected in 24 hours or less.

In an emergency, time is short. Contact ERT right away.

As you might expect, commercial and residential storm damage services differ a good bit. Commercial spaces are usually much bigger than homes, and may house heavy machinery or highly toxic substances which need to be handled very carefully. ERT specializes in both business and home disasters, with immediate response and restoration teams devoted to each. We have the large and small equipment, experience and skills necessary to resolve your storm damage problem quickly and efficiently, no matter what type of structure you have.. We offer our restoration services to areas such as Goodlettsville, Antioch, Joelton, Nashville, Whites Creek, Old Hickory and Hermitage.

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