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Welcome to ERT (Emergency Restoration Team), your trusted partner for professional biohazard and crime scene cleanup services. We understand that dealing with biohazardous situations or crime scenes can be overwhelming and emotionally challenging. That’s why we are here to provide compassionate and comprehensive cleanup solutions to restore safety and peace of mind.

At ERT, we understand the importance of thorough and professional biohazard and crime scene cleanup. Trust us to provide you with compassionate and comprehensive solutions that prioritize your safety, well-being, and peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more about our biohazard and crime scene cleanup services and how we can assist you in your time of need.

Our Biohazard and Crime Scene Cleanup Services:

1. Rapid Response:
When faced with a biohazard or crime scene situation, time is of the essence. Our dedicated team is available 24/7, ready to respond promptly to any emergency. We understand the urgency and work swiftly to assess the situation, develop a customized cleanup plan, and mobilize the necessary resources to ensure a thorough and efficient cleanup process.

2. Compassionate and Professional Approach:
We understand the sensitive nature of biohazard and crime scene cleanup. Our team is trained to handle these situations with utmost compassion, respect, and professionalism. We prioritize your well-being and privacy throughout the entire process, ensuring that the cleanup is conducted discreetly and with the utmost care.

3. Comprehensive Cleanup:
Our experienced technicians are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and specialized equipment to handle a wide range of biohazardous situations and crime scenes. From blood and bodily fluid cleanup to trauma scene cleanup, we adhere to strict industry protocols and safety guidelines to ensure thorough decontamination and restoration of the affected area.

4. Disinfection and Deodorization:
Biohazardous situations and crime scenes can leave behind harmful pathogens, odors, and potential health hazards. Our team utilizes professional-grade disinfectants and deodorizers to effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses, and odors, ensuring a safe and clean environment.

5. Proper Waste Disposal:
We understand the importance of proper biohazardous waste disposal. Our team follows strict protocols to safely handle and dispose of biohazardous materials in accordance with local regulations and industry standards. We work closely with licensed waste management facilities to ensure that all waste is disposed of responsibly and in compliance with legal requirements.

6. Restoration and Support:
In addition to the cleanup process, we offer comprehensive restoration services to restore the affected area to its pre-incident condition. Our team will work diligently to repair and restore any structural damage, ensuring a seamless transition from cleanup to restoration. We are here to support you throughout the entire process, providing guidance, compassion, and assistance as needed.

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