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Emergency Response Team is the best fire damage restoration service in middle Tennessee.

Emergency Response Team (ERT) is a group of members who are active in various aspects of technical rescue. They are usually called when the recovery/rescue is beyond normal. Companies and private homeowners can incur a lot of losses from fire damage restoration process. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you hire the right professionals should the need arise.

The Difference with ERT

Mold Damage CleanupFollowing proper steps is important so as to achieve complete recovery. ERT offers safety and health certifications, current training, insurance information, appropriate licenses and vast experience in restoration services.

Emergency Response Team (ERT) offers a wide variety of services such as fire safety for kids, fire explorers, burn permits, volunteer firefighter information, public education, apparatus, and statistics. Our team cleans up the area under fire damage restoration as much as possible.

You do not want your home or business to look ugly after a fire accident has occurred since you may lose customers. The dirt and soot are not attractive to the eye either. We ensure that the area is immediately cleaned, and soot is removed. If initial cleaning of your business or home is not done, follow these steps; use dust masks when cleaning, open the door and windows for improved ventilation, clean all floors, ceilings and upholstery. Do not forget to wash items that can be laundered. The outside should also be cleaned most preferably using a washer. All these activities help restore your business or home to a better state after and perform fire damage restoration.

In an emergency, time is short. Contact ERT right away.

The cleaning services we offer are quite important because they help prevent future devastating effects. Within a short time after smoke or fire damage, many items and appliances will discolor. Few hours later, the acid will be stained in bathrooms, toilets, and other areas.

Within a period of about six days walls are permanently discolored, and most household items become rusty because of the acid residue. After a few weeks, the clean-up cost becomes more expensive. The furnishing and building can be completely damaged by the acid. Such parts may require replacement, which is also costly.

The cleaning services and other restoration services that ERT offers immediately after fire damage will save you a lot of money, and that’s the bottom line. We help prevent all the damages that may arise as a result of delayed cleaning. Soot residue will be scattered all over your house after smoke damage. It is vital to approach our team to use fire restoration techniques that will return your business or home to pre-loss state.

Emergency Response Team (ERT) will handle all the damage that has occurred within a short time to ensure that you proceed with your activities without any inconveniences. We provide customers with reliable services and expertise on smoke damage. We offer our restoration services to areas such as Goodlettsville, Antioch, Joelton, Nashville, Whites Creek, Old Hickory and Hermitage.

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Business or Residental, your Emergency Response Team is available.

We immediately remove residue and smoke odors. Our team of professionals uses the restoration process to achieve the best results. The team eliminates the source of odor after a smoke damage. The bad odor is irritating to customers and visitors. If you are operating a business and smoke damage occurs, our team eradicates it as fast as possible to ensure that fresh air flows throughout. Items that might be salvaged are also cleaned.

Any lingering odor is removed by using a deodorizing fog or odor counteractant. Finally, the ERT  team of professionals will seal all salvageable items to prevent the release of odor and further contamination. Failing to hire professional to home restoration after smoke damage might be quite hectic for you since you may leave some items and areas unattended leading to harmful effects like contamination of food or water. Contaminated water and food may be poisonous thus detrimental to your health. We ensure that all potential adverse effects are prevented before they happen.

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Time is money. Contact ERT today.

The education we offer to businesses and homeowners about restoration services helps minimize repairing costs after severe fire damage. Contact Emergency Response Team (ERT) of Nashville early enough and we can return your property to the pre-loss state. By hiring qualified professionals to carry out restoration services, you will have peace of mind in case of smoke damage and fire damage.

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