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Understanding The Nature Of Mold

Preventing mold infestation requires thorough cleaning and drying of the affected area. It also means treating the entire area with special fungicides to ensure mold growth cannot take place. Even if mold has already been set in, Emergency Response Team can perform mold remediation services. With proper cleaning and sanitizing, mold can be stopped in its tracks and a building can be saved. Our mold cleaning services are performed by quality trained technicians that have all of the tools and technology necessary to stop mold growth in your home. Do not risk having mold take over your home. If you have experienced a flooding event or have water damage, speak to one of our reps about how our professional mold cleaning services can help save your home and protect your health.

If you have recently experienced a flooding event in your home, you are at risk for mold growth. The Nashville, TN climate is the perfect breeding ground for mold. Mold can be very dangerous to your health as well as to the structure of your home. If you have recently experienced water damage from a flood or fire, you need to contact the Emergency Response Team for professional mold cleaning services.

Mold is a naturally occurring fungus that can be found in most outdoor areas. It is made up of very small spores and multiplies by consuming food and "shooting" extra spores into the air. The food that mold consumes can be anything porous, which includes wood, drywall, and clothing materials. Mold continually eats and emits spores without ever stopping.

There are many forms of mold that are naturally occurring. Some of the less dangerous molds include what is commonly known as mildew and penicillin. Other molds, such as black mold, can be very dangerous to humans and animals. Black mold is most common in areas where there are a lot of trees and outdoor moisture. Areas that are prone to a lot of rain or flooding usually have the highest risk for black mold contamination.

When mold is found outdoors, it is generally harmless to humans. Some people may sneeze or cough if they are in an outdoor area that has a high concentration of mold, but usually nothing more. However, it is when mold enters a home that people need to invest in professional mold cleaning services to protect their health and their home.

What if mold is behind my drywall?

We'll inspect and test for mold everywhere on your property and come up with options for removal.

Is mold dangerous?

Yes, mold can trigger allergies and breathing issues. It's important to limit exposure and remove it as soon as possible.

How long does mold removal take?

It depends on the extent of the outbreak, but a typical mold removal job can be done in a single day.

Why the Right Mold Cleaning Service Will Move Fast in Emergencies

Regardless of the type of home you own, high humidity, water, or moisture can set the stage for a mold problem. This is especially true for spaces with poor ventilation, where mold spores can travel from one location of the house to another room quite easily.

When you have mold in your house, you and your family are prone to a major health risk. In addition to causing respiratory issues such as breathing problems, dry cough, and stuffy nose, mold infection can also lead to skin rashes and eye issues. Apart from creating these problems for healthy individuals, mold can cause serious health hazards for those with asthma or weaker immune systems. Certain types of black mold can pose even more serious problems.

That is why it is critical that as soon as you notice a mold infestation in your home, you take active measures to get rid of it. This is possible by reaching out to mold specialists, who hold a firm grasp in removing or remediating excess mold through special equipment such as cleaners, air scrubbers, and HEPA filters.

But calling a random company that collects surface samples or scrubs off the mold is not enough. Since mold can grow in as little as 24 hours after exposure to water or moisture, especially in high humidity, you must hire a provider that moves fast to help you resolve the mold problem to its core.

Quick Response is Critical for Mold Infestations

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), mold growth can start forming on affected surfaces within 24-48 hours of exposure to moisture. If the mold in your house is not stopped at its current location of growth, its spores can travel to other parts of the house through the air and spread throughout your home. This can pose a major health risk to you and your family.

That is why, when you go through a water damage incident, the right emergency response service makes it a point to act fast to get rid of the issue. From taking surface samples to using air scrubbers and HEPA filters, these mold specialists ensure to stop the mold growth in its tracks before it can cause massive damage to your property.

How is Mold Growth Controlled After Water Damage?

Mold is a natural fungus that typically thrives on moist and humid conditions. From leaking joints on water pipes to damp walls after a sudden flood, molds can grow in various places within your home. With that being said, a minimal amount of mold is always present in the air. These fungi don't cause any issues in their naturally low amount. But the problems arise when they grow past that extent by thriving on surrounding water or moisture and absorbing dirt in high humidity.

That is why experts correctly use the term "mold remediation" instead of "mold removal" while deploying their services. By taking surface samples to check the type of mold, cleaning excess growth through special products, and drying the affected area with air filters, qualified professionals get the mold back to its natural and non-threatening levels.

But to make sure that the mold in your house does not continue growing, all of these actions are carried out within a short timeframe. This ensures that your mold problem is resolved effectively, which allows you and your family to be comfortable in your house again.

How to Select the Right Mold Cleaning Service?

If a provider offers an extensive timeline to get rid of your mold issue, you should ask more questions about their overall process and experience to make sure they know what they are doing. Otherwise, it's best to steer clear from any so-called experts who do not deploy active ventilation and mold remediation measures within a short timeframe.

Make sure to hire mold specialists who take pride in the ready availability and execution of their services. By relying on qualified professionals who are known for their swift and effective action, you can rest assured that your home is restored to its original state in no time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Emergency Response Team understands the devastation that a flooding event has on a person, their lives, and their home. They also understand that proper cleanup is required after a flooding or water event so that further damage to the structure does not occur and health issues do not arise because mold has taken over the property.

You ensure to have transparency in mold remediation costs with effective help from mold professionals and mold inspectors who have years of experience in the field.

Professional Mold Cleaning Services

Preventing mold infestation requires thorough cleaning and drying of the affected area. It also means treating the entire area with special fungicides to ensure mold growth cannot take place. Even if mold has already set in, Emergency Response Team can offer mold remediation services. With proper cleaning and sanitizing, mold can be stopped in its tracks and a building can be saved.

Our mold cleaning services are performed by quality trained technicians that have all of the tools and technology necessary to stop mold growth in your home. Do not risk having mold take over your home. If you have experienced a flooding event or have water damage, speak to one of our reps about how getting professional mold cleaning services in Nashville, TN can help save your home and protect your health.

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Client Reviews

Good customer service goes a long way! If you want quality service then call Eric Whited, who is the operations manager. I was very impressed with Mr. Whited's professionalism when I first spoke to him on the phone. He is also honest, engaging, knowledgeable, pleasant, and he understands the importance of treating people the way he would want to be treated. Eric returned all of my calls, texts and he cared for my home as if it were his own. That is what I'm talking about!! He gives customers quality service from the beginning of a project to the end. He also showed up to make sure I was happy with the work and to answer any questions I had. Eric makes himself accessible to his customers, and he doesn't check out once he gets the check and/or the work is completed. When all is said and done, Eric is truly there for his customers and that is what counts the most. Thank you, Eric, Kevin, Antonio, Jerry, and Clint for your hard work, help, and kindness!!!


So I found ERT in a Lowe's parking lot after having a horrible experience with another company here in Nashville. Jayme is absolutely amazing and has made my home beautiful! Like 10/10 he has made me feel at ease with this process and had done an amazing job!!! Without a doubt will recommend them to everyone for everything!

Jane Creamer

Reliable and Professional! I would definitely recommend to all my clients!

Stacy Gee

Responsive to stop the problem and then able to fix root cause within timely manner. Thank You!

Jason Goldstein

Last night I realized my sump pump went out on me. I had a foot of water in my basement and it was a Saturday night meaning tomorrow was Sunday and I didn't know what my options would be. At 2am I was getting worried so I called the phone number listed. The owner (Kevin) answered and was kind enough to quell my anxiety and talk me through my options. He arrived at my house today (Sunday) within an hour of speaking with me, and expertly diagnosed the situation. He even spoke with my home warranty company. He quoted me a price but explained that it would be cheaper and easier to do the work myself by purchasing a pump from Home Depot. He told me which pump to buy and it worked like a charm. It's now Sunday night and my basement has been cleared! Sometimes It's hard to find honest, reliable, and caring folks that are looking out for your best interest, but Kevin definitely did in my case. I highly recommend this company and will call them again if I ever have anymore problems.

Matthew Moon

First off, I don't write online reviews, period, but felt compelled to do so, in the case of ERT. In this era of increasingly poor customer service, I am still in awe of the fact that Kevin sent someone to my house LATE FRIDAY afternoon, and machines were then placed. They were about my fifth call that day, after being told by others: 'We can get to you Monday or Tuesday MAYBE. We're real busy.'

And you couldn't ask for nicer and more knowledgeable service reps who helped through my water ordeal. THANKS, GUYS!!! Appreciate it so very much!!! (Hope I never see you AGAIN!!! ; ) haaaa JK)


Ben just wrapped our interior work. In a word: Fantastic! He, and the rest of the team, was such a pleasure to work with. He made sure to explain what was going to be done at every step of the way. The room definitely looks better. Thank you so much, Ben! I can't recommend these folks enough!

Robb Bovell

Such a fantastic group of professionals. The GC's always responded to calls and communicated frequently. The very talented Ben Adams was awesome! He took good care of my home, cleaned up and was here when he said he would be. I highly recommend them! Thanks so much ERT!

Lisa LeBar

Great Company. We live in an apartment and they came out to get rid of the smoke residue from a fire next door. Worked with me so that I didn't have to file a claim with my insurance company.

The apartment smells great.

Thanks Bill

Katrice Parish

I had a water heater rupture, left water standing everywhere in the unit where it sat, and in three of five rooms in another unit. They were at my place before the day was out, cleaned up all the water, tore out all the affected materials and had several air movers/dehumidifiers going to dry out the place quickly.

I was able to begin the rehab about a week after the mishap, which ultimately saved me in lost rent. These guys really know what they are doing!

Jarmaine Betts

I own a 4 unit apartment building and have had dealings with restoration companies in the past, none of which have been positive. I needed someone to handle mold in the crawl space of the building. These guys came out reviewed the situation completely using thermal imaging cameras and actually identified the source of this mold. 3 other companies never identified the source that was feeding the mold. They also presented me with several options without browbeating me with mold fear as did the other companies.
My tenants were left unbothered. They looked and presented themselves professionally.

The manager of the company asked for this review and I'm more than happy to leave it.

Robert Jacob

Did not know these guys could do all they could do. My wife called these guys at 1am when we had a supply line rupture. I wasn't sold on the fact that it was an emergency but the wife was. They had a crew out within an hour, they had a vacuum attached to a truck that sucked up all the standing water. They left a lot of equipment to get the drying process started and came back the next morning to check the equipment and they helped us communicate with the insurance company in regards to the level of the loss.

I would recommend these guys any day of the week. If you call tell them to bring the cool Thermal camera, it will show things that are not visible to the naked eye.

Rosten Peters

I have used this company twice in past two years. One was fire and the other was main line water flooded the hotel. Very trusting people and worth every $$$.

K Patel

Nate and the entire team were punctual and responsive after our water leak. Super quality guys and work.

Joshua Straub

I really appreciate your team. I don't typically write reviews but for you guys to get to my business within 40 mins at 2am. GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!

Day Night

These guys are the best. Prompt service and very professional. Would recommend them if ever you need their services.

James Scarbro

Love this company. Bill came out and helped me through the insurance process and made everything seamless

Khoa Hua

Excellent company to deal, very professional. Helped us out of a bad situation here at the office.

Keith Seal

Great people to work with, helped me out without charging me.

Cal Fox

Provides more help with your insurance claim than most insurance companies will.

Bill Murray

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