Welcome to ERT (Emergency Restoration Team), your trusted partner for professional smoke and soot cleanup services. We understand the devastating effects of fire and smoke damage, and we are here to provide comprehensive solutions to restore your property and peace of mind.

Our Smoke and Soot Cleanup Services:

1. Rapid Response:
When disaster strikes, time is of the essence. Our dedicated team is available 24/7, ready to respond promptly to any emergency. We understand the urgency and work swiftly to assess the smoke and soot damage, develop a customized restoration plan, and mobilize the necessary resources to minimize further damage and begin the cleanup process.

2. Thorough Assessment:
Our experienced technicians conduct a thorough assessment of the smoke and soot damage to determine the extent of the problem. We identify areas that require immediate attention and develop a comprehensive plan to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

3. Specialized Cleaning Techniques:
Smoke and soot particles can penetrate deep into surfaces, leaving behind stubborn stains and odors. Our team utilizes specialized cleaning techniques and industry-leading equipment to effectively remove smoke residue, soot, and lingering odors from your property. We pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure a thorough and complete cleanup.

4. Contents Cleaning and Restoration:
In addition to cleaning the structure, we also provide comprehensive contents cleaning and restoration services. Our team carefully assesses and cleans your belongings, utilizing specialized techniques and equipment to remove smoke and soot residue. We aim to restore your valuable possessions to their pre-loss condition whenever possible.

5. Odor Removal:
Smoke odors can linger long after the fire is extinguished, impacting the air quality and comfort of your property. Our experts employ advanced techniques, including thermal fogging and ozone treatments, to effectively neutralize and eliminate smoke odors. We ensure that your property is left fresh and free from any lingering smells.

6. Restoration and Reconstruction:

In cases where the smoke and soot damage is extensive, we offer comprehensive restoration and reconstruction services. Our team of skilled professionals will work diligently to restore your property to its pre-loss condition, including repairing structural damage, replacing damaged materials, and ensuring a seamless transition from cleanup to restoration.

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