Benefits of Professional Sewage Backup Services

Benefits of Professional Sewage Backup Services

Sewer backup repairWhen your home’s basement experiences a back flow of sewage, it is not only an annoyance, but it is also a health and safety issue for you and your family. With professional sewage backup prevention services, you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home is protected. Consider these benefits of having an experienced crew from Emergency Response Team (ERT) come to your home and deliver a total restoration experience and prevention of future problems.

Cleanup of Sewage Spills

Sewage backup removal servicesWhen your home has a sewage spill, the first thing that you need to do is call our Emergency Response Team for a sewer clean up. We offer sewage backup services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, every day of the year. You should not attempt to clean up a sewer backup on your own, because this black water may contain harmful microorganisms, as well as fecal matter and other health hazards. Prompt and thorough sewer clean up is essential in order to protect your health and well being. Our personnel has industrial grade personal protective equipment, as well as the supplies and tools required in order to safely remove all of the sewage and leftover moisture in your home.

Restoration of Damage

Once the sewer clean up has taken place, the next part of our sewage backup services is to restore the damaged areas of your home. Trying to do this by yourself could be overwhelming. Instead of taking on such a tremendous project, our cleaning crew can help to remove mold and mildew from your carpets and flooring after a sewage spill. We can also clean and sanitize wooden furniture. We may also help you to restore your home’s drywall and cabinetry. Part of our sewer clean up procedures include sanitizing all surfaces, removing rotted or damaged items, and helping you to replace the essential structural components of your Hermitage area home, such as the drywall, cabinets, carpeting and tiles.

Installation of Sewage Back Flow Prevention Devices

In order to prevent any further sewer seepage from taking place in your neighborhood, the next part of our sewage backup services is to install back flow prevention devices on your main sewer lines. These devices are simple in their functions, as they stop sewage from entering your home when there is too much pressure in the sanitary sewer system. The device stops the backwards flow of liquid through the main sewer drain line, so that a sewer spillover and emergency sewer clean up in your house would not be needed again. This mushroom shaped device is either spring loaded and attached to your home’s sewer clean out line, or it is screwed onto the lateral line’s cover and connected to the sewer main. Once the device is installed by our experienced staff members, you will no longer have to worry about a backed up sewer leaking sewage into your basement or through your toilet, shower or bathtub.

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